Don't think this is a replicated question. Ubuntu 13.10 x64 cannot shut down properly, pressing esc stuck at purple screen:

Broadcast message from root@ubuntu-laptop
(unknown) at 19:51 ...

The system is going to power off NOW!
Shutting down SmartLink Modem driver normally
Unloading modem driver from kernel ... none found.
speech-dispatcher disabled: edit /etc/default/speech-dispatcher
 * asking all remaining processes to terminate ... [OK]
 * killing all remaining processes ... [fail]
modem-manager[662]: <info> Caught signal 15, shutting down [OK]

 * deactivating swap...
mount: / is busy
 * will now halt

And it hangs there and doesn't shut down. Please help and please tell me if more info needed!


It looks like you have some kind of process writing to your disk (/). Try to figure out which processes are running with the command command:


Then lookup the PID of that process. Then kill that process with

kill PID

if that dont work

sudo kill PID


 11555 yourname     20   0 1105m 159m  18m S   2,0  2,0   0:30.38 chrome            
 11871 yourname     20   0  409m  36m  23m S   1,3  0,5   0:54.75 plugin-containe   
 6787  yourname     20   0 1412m  20m 8348 S   1,0  0,3   0:26.00 nautilus          

quit command:

 kill 6787


 sudo kill 6787

And Nautilus gets killed.


This seems to be a resolution (although it's not as intended):

shutdown -h now
  • well, that doesn't fixed for long-term using, and i don't think it works, sadly – Daniel Cheung Jan 16 '14 at 12:25
  • Is it on a desktop, a laptop, a server, ... ? – Michel Michels Jan 16 '14 at 12:30

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