I recently installed Kingsoft Office just for trying it out.When I tried to purge it, I faced some problems. Writer, Presentation etc.. can be opened with commands like et, etc.. So, my first trial was to try sudo apt-get purge et, but it came up with an error et is not installed. I tried sudo dpkg -P kingsoft-office because the version in this screen shot says kingsoft-office. Even this didn't work.kingsoft office software center photo

But, running sudo apt-get purge kingsoft-office worked!!

  1. Isn't apt-get just a frontend of dpkg? What exactly is the difference between them?
  2. Why did sudo apt-get purge kingsoft-office work and sudo dpkg -P kingsoft-office not work?

apt-get resolves dependencies and can delete needless packages -> apt-get autoremove

  • I meant the difference in terms of their input. apt-get removed kingsoft-office, but dpkg didn't remove. – nitishch Jan 13 '14 at 7:41

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