My computer suddenly shut down a few times when I was using Ubuntu and then I couldn't even boot into Windows or Ubuntu. It's a dual boot computer and I installed Ubuntu from Windows with Wubi.

When I tried to boot into Ubuntu it said that

Errors were found while checking the disk drive for /

I search online and found that the command

mount -o remount, rw /

I tried it but only sometimes it worked and even then the computer then shut down suddenly...

And when it didn't work. The following message was shown:

/host: device is busy

/run: device is busy

/dev: device is busy

But I could boot into Ubuntu once and used boot-repair to generate a report.(Now I can't seem to be able to boot into Ubuntu anymore) It's here.

When I tried to boot into Windows, it just got stuck at the Windows logo screen. And after a while it suddenly shut down.

So based on the report, what's the problem? Is it possible to fix the problem within Ubuntu if I got lucky again and boot into it?



I would boot into the recovery mode, and enter a root terminal. From there, run fsck -A -y -f, to fix these errors.

Please note, however, this sounds like it could be a more serious hardware issue (I've never heard of a computer powering off from hard drive errors). If that doesn't work, odds are, something's malfunctioning inside your computer. Unless you're using a laptop with a not-so-good battery, I would strongly recommend taking your machine to a computer repair center, and have it professionally diagnosed.

  • That mode is not visible on the screen :( My computer is nearly 5 years old I think if I can't fix it then I'll give it up. – Gnijuohz Jan 14 '14 at 4:39

Have u tried booting into "Ubuntu recovery mode"?? Is that option visible on the log in screen?

  • I would go with TSJNachos117 – Pragatheeswaran Jan 13 '14 at 7:54
  • No not visible. – Gnijuohz Jan 14 '14 at 4:37

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