Is there any application like HostMan for Ubuntu?

I need an application that will auto update hosts file from web.

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There are many apps, tools and solutions for this purpose in the Linux world in general and Ubuntu in particular, some of which might suit you, while some others might look too complicated ;-)

So, among a number of possible answers, I would cite just one of them; hostsblock which you can find here: github.com: gaenserich/hostsblock

It has an easy manual installation procedure, but I've also created a deb package (which you can simply click and install) which should be in both ZIP and TAR files you can download from there. (Note: The deb file is under /pkg/ subfolder, but it contains an old version (0.12.3) of hostsblock, which is now at 0.999.x)

It does more or less the same job as hostsman (updating your hosts file to prevent access to "undesirable" sites) but it only does it in the background almost without you noticing it ever ;-)

UPDATE: Now there's a new DEB package including a simple GUI -app indicator- with kwak daemon as well which is available here:


enter image description here

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