I read about getting the laptop beeping when the battery charging is complete here.

But I'm confused with the answer (and I didn't know yet, how to ask directly to a user).

Where can I find the file "return0whencharging.sh".. ?

Or I must create it by my self? If so, is there any particular folder where I should save the file?


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So, you are following the suggestion at How can I get notification when my laptop battery gets fully charged?

Create the file named return0whencharging.sh with a text editor program, so you could write this to a brand new file of that name, located in your path (a directory such as /usr/local/sbin ). For example, from within a terminal window, enter this line:

sudo nano /usr/local/sbin/return0whencharging.sh

which will put that script where it will be automagically found when desired.

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