I know there is a lot of questions about RT3290 wireless adapter, but I read many many of them and noone helped me with my problem. So, I have the HP Pavilion dm1 laptop and I installed Xubuntu 13.10 on it. During the instalation it poped up that I'm able to connect to the internet via network adapter. I did it obviously, but it worked for like 5 seconds, then it said that network connection is down and I couldn't connect to my router, even if i could actually see network connections avaible. Then (when installation ended) I rebooted my computer. My network was avaible! I could connect and browse the internet smoothly. Next day I turned on my laptop and I saw my wireless connection is no longer avaible, so I plugged laptop to the internet via Ethernet cable and started to explore internet searching solution for my problem. I did this:

How do I get a Ralink RT3290 wireless card working?

And I was able to connect BUT my kernel started to panic every time I started Mozilla or any program that is connecting to the internet. Every tip i searched was almost the same as the link above. I tried to do this many ways. I even Reinstalled Xubuntu to do everything with clear system but the same thing happened. THEN I installed Linux Mint to check whether it is a major or just Xubuntu problem. Linux Mint responded even worse, because I wasn't even able to use terminal (I clearly messed something up).

I would really, really appreciate every help, because I do want to solve this problem and finally be able to use Xubuntu/Ubuntu. I'm waiting for advice from anyone patiently. If anyone wants some details, just tell me which ones.

  • This post surely works. My wifi signal strength has improved but the stability is not there. Wifi disconnects every now and then, does not stay more than 10 minutes – user251020 Sep 4 '14 at 6:46
  1. Download the file.


  2. Copy the folder named "rt3290sta-" to /usr/src/.

    i. Check the folder name again! The name should be rt3290sta-

    ii. You cannot copy files to /usr/src/? Open the terminal and run:

     gksudo nautilus

    Then a GUI window will open. Browse to Computer -> usr -> src, and paste the folder.

  3. In the terminal run:

    sudo dkms install -m rt3290sta -v –force

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