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How to change the default desktop background? A list of background pictures are available in the preference window, but I want to make my own picture as a default wallpaper. What can i do?

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I want to make my own default wallpapers, which means not selecting the file and setting it as wallpaper but defining user desired images as default wallpaper.
Step 1:In the terminal type the following
sudo gedit /usr/share/gnome-background-properties/precise-wallpapers.xml
/*This opens the a file where the location of the images is coded. */ then in the page edit the following
Illustration with example:

Morning Dew
/usr/share/backgrounds/Morning_Dew_by_Lars_Clausen.jpg zoom

rename the following thing

1) morning dew :- example
2) /usr/share/backgrounds/Morning_Dew_by_Lars_Clausen.jpg :- /usr/share/backgrounds/example.jpg

Then the file looks something like this


End of step 1

Step 2: in the terminal
sudo ls /usr/share/backgrounds/
/then a list of images is displayed/
and copy a image named example.jpg
paste in this folder /do it any way you know/ End of step 2
Now it is almost done check your background
i.e right click + personalize
then there appears your example.jpg as a default ubuntu wallpaper.
Select your own wallpaper which is now a default wallpaper.

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