After I create a bash script and double click it in Nautilus I am prompted with this - Do you want to run "sleepytime", or display its contents? With Run in terminal, Dislpay, Cancel and Run as options.

enter image description here

Is it possible to just choose "run" or "run in terminal" by default?


In Nautilus, choose Edit ▸ Preferences ▸ Behavior ▸ Executable Text Files ▸ Run executable text files when they are opened.

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  • gracias @ændrük – winchendonsprings May 5 '11 at 0:59
  • Can we change the behaviour for a specific file only? – ergys Jan 11 '14 at 18:38
  • @errikos Not with this method. I'd ask that as a new question with details about your specific needs in case there are alternative solutions you'd find suitable, e.g. a .desktop file linking to your script. – ændrük Jan 11 '14 at 19:34
  • TIL the file explorer in Ubuntu is called Nautilus :) – JordanC Jan 23 '17 at 21:26

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