I try to open a file in gedit with the file-selection option of zenity. It's very easy to do it for file that i can access in normal mode, but I wanna open too some configuration files (as for exemple the conf files for vpnc) which are in a '700' folder (only the user root can read, write and execute the folder) I dont wanna change the permissions for the folder.

I tryed this :

gksudo -u root "gedit $(zenity --file-selection)"

but it didn't work

Is someone have an idea of how I can do it ?

Thx in advance folks



With the command you're running, the $(...) syntax is evaluated by your shell before calling gksudo. What you want is for it to be evaluated by a shell running as root. Perhaps try something like this:

gksudo -u root "sh -c 'gedit \$(zenity --file-selection)'"
  • Whoah, It's perfectly working...Thanks... OK I'll try to understand the command line. With gksudo -u root we subsitutte ourselve to the user root. I guess that with sh -c we invoke a new shell instance as user root, where we open gedit. Because gedit $(zenity --file-selection is the command sent to the new shell, we need to escape char '$'. That's right ? Thx a lot again James – Winael May 5 '11 at 6:33

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