I do not consider this a duplicate of this. I am not trying to run a specific version of flash, rather I'm trying to run any version, preferably the latest, without Chromium auto-disabling it.

I get a warning stating:

The Flash plug-in was blocked because it is out of date With two options: [Run this time] and [Update plug-in]

When I press update plug-in, I get a page with the following info:

If you are using the open source Chromium browser, please download and install the Flash Player plug-in below.

To learn more about Flash Player and Chromium, see this TechNote.

I tried installing through APT, a couple of things happened, I gave my admin password, and it was all completed succesfully. Restarted Chrome, and the warning persists.

Trying again, I noticed that no matter what version I select, there appears a box under it that reads:

Browser: Firefox, Mozilla, Seamonkey

Since I'm using Chromium, I guess this might not be the right version. I can not however select a different version. When I go to about:plugins, Chromium tells me:

Flash (2 files) - Version: 10.2.152 Download Critical Security Update Shockwave Flash 10.2 r152

Here's a screenshot of the webpage I get when I click update, and one of my about:plugins. I've tried disabling the first one, without result:

update webpage



Found it: Had to reboot Chrome (all windows) after disabling the faulty plug in. It works now, no more warnings.

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