I installed Dropbox using following commands

cd ~ && wget -O - "https://www.dropbox.com/download?plat=lnx.x86" | tar xzf -

Then I ran the demon with this command:


Now I want to sync my Dropbox data with the /var/www local directory.
Is it possible?

  • yes @Naveen.I can setup it to the /var/www/Dropbox using interfaces – underscore Jan 5 '14 at 10:14
  • I have my dropbox synced with a local folder on my laptop which is then synced with /var/www/. It's really nice. – Alvar Jun 25 '14 at 8:55
  • @Alvar how did you do that ? – underscore Jun 25 '14 at 9:19
  • See my answer! :) – Alvar Jun 25 '14 at 9:26

Dropbox currently does not support syncing folders outside the Dropbox folder, according to their web site.

However you can achieve this by creating a symbolic link between the Dropbox folder and the other folder you want sync, using this command:

sudo ln -s ~/Dropbox  **/path/to/another/folder**

So when you go inside /path/to/another/folder, you will be taken into ~/Dropbox
Make sure the other folder is accessible after linking.


According to their site https://www.dropbox.com/help/12/en you can't sync folders outside the Dropbox folder, but there is a workaround in Ubuntu

To get other folders synced into Dropbox you have to create a symbolic link from the target folder to the Dropbox folder

For example:

ln -sfn ~/Documents ~/Dropbox

My five cents:

Using a virtual machine it is quite easy

First stop all the shares or uninstall dropbox.

Just create virtual disk and mount it in /etc/fstab.

Mount it to the ~/Dropbox, i.e., /home/user/Dropbox/ . Like this

/dev/sdb1    /home/blue/Dropbox/           ext4    defaults        0       2

I have this setup on my laptop and often I edit the files on another computer and then test them on the laptop, takes 30 seconds for Dropbox to realize there are new files to sync, but works really great.

I created a symbolic linc with var/www/ and /home/user/code/.

run this in a terminal to setup the link between your local files and var/www

ln -s /home/user/code /var/www/

Now add /home/user/code to your dropbox folder. Then when you edit the files that are in /code via dropbox they will be changed also in /var/www/.

  • True, but you may run into permission problems if you link to your home folder. It is better to sync Dropbox to your /var/www/Dropbox folder and then link to /var/www – Jakke Jun 25 '14 at 11:00
  • @Jakke actually I don't get any permission errors, I've had this setup for half a year now. try it out if you don't believe me... – Alvar Jun 25 '14 at 11:06

I think this is the right command

sudo ln -s /path/to/another/folder ~/Dropbox

not this

sudo ln -s ~/Dropbox /path/to/another/folder

because he want to Dropbox this /var/www folder outside his server..

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