Document Viewer appears to remember my settings (scroll position, zoom, full-screen, etc.) for each document. I've recently changed its default settings and I want them to apply to all documents, including those I've opened previously.

How can I make it forget all per-document settings without reverting the changes I've made to the default settings?

  • In theory it should be in ~/.gnome2/evince, but I can't find the folder on my PC. – Julian Stirling Jan 4 '14 at 21:53

You can remove all GVFS attributes, related to evince, for a given file with this script:

while read attribute value; do
    [ "${attribute:0:18}" = "metadata::evince::" ] && \
            gvfs-set-attribute "${file}" -t unset "${attribute:0:-1}"
done < <(gvfs-info "${file}")

You can check the attributes with gvfs-info "${file}"

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The answer in this Q&A should work in this case as well. However: This will also delete any other type of file metadata stored by gvfs. Unfortunately I don't know how to remove evince metadata only.

Other relevant Q&As:

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gvfs-set-attribute your.pdf metadata::evince::sizing_mode "fit-width"
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    Try expanding on this – Virusboy Feb 10 '15 at 2:13

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