I know this is a duplicate question. But none of the solutions provided for the previous questions worked for me. My laptop is shipped with a 1GB ATI graphics card. The laptop overheats even when it is idle. When I run Eclipse with ADT I can even prepare an Omelet on it. I have removed the Xorg driver and installed fglrx form ATI site but still the problem persists. Any solution will be greatly appreciated.


Here are two solutions that may work for you, the first tried to get your Ati graphics card working instead of having both running at same time:


... and the second disables Ati completely and lets you use the Intel chipset on it's own:


... also, running the latest version of Ubuntu is recommended for newer drivers and support, Xubuntu if you would like a simpler non-3D desktop...


update this bios http://downloads.dell.com/bios/N5010A15.EXE

try cleaning up the vents, i have requested my friend at dell factory to check for any know issues in this model or solution for this issue.

Regards, Mohan

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