I have fresh ubuntu 12.04 and Sublime text 2 installation. There are two keyboard layouts: English and Russian. If I switch on Russian one: no shortcuts are working, Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+P and so on. However, it works well on English layout. I have noticed strange behaviour: if I switch window focus to another application: it starts working! Of course I can remap ALL key bindings to Russian letters (but it is headache!). I am sure that it is some bug, or program conflict. What could be the problem?


As a temporary workaround you can simply open and then close a new tab in Sublime.
After that some hotkeys are starting to work.


It's a known bug: Hotkeys not functional in non-latin keyboard layout in 13.10 and 14.04. Nasty one, and hope fix comes through soon.

See also the info in the "changing 'switch language keys' no longer working in 13.10 [closed]" Q&A.

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