Can anyone please let me know which is the best software in ubuntu to plot graph against data??


If you like to make perfect graphs (and don't mind spending some time on them) I'd recommend using matplotlib (a python library) which has good mix of depth and simplicity. Otherwise, just use LibreOffice's Calc for quick graphing.

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A program which in my opinion is far superior to Calc or matplot lib, is Veusz. It has a simple graphical interface, and can produce beautiful plots (allmost all graphs I publish now come from veusz as you can export as PDF and SVG vectored images allow scaling without pixelation, combined with the great quality).

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I was using Octave for a while. Is a perfect alternative for Matlab.

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  • +1 for octave, but I'm not sure "perfect" is how I'd describe it. – virtualxtc Jan 22 '14 at 22:32

I always use desmos.com. It's an "online graphing calculator".

enter image description here

it has nothing to do with ubuntu but it's best for your needs!

direct link: https://www.desmos.com/

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