I recently got an old second-hand Yamaha PSR-350 synthesizer keyboard. I don't have any trouble playing, but I would like to make use of the MIDI function. There are 2 MIDI ports, midi-in and midi-out.

I bought a midi-usb interface and tried to connect it to my laptop but I can't seem to find how it works. What I would like to do is for example to write sheet music in MuseScore with my keyboard.

Here is a screenshot of QJackCtl: image

How can I make it work?


You will need to load some software. Use synaptic.

  1. Be sure aconnect is installed. This enables the midi to pc connection.

  2. Edit [jack and qjackctl. these are basic.]. If you install rosegarden from synaptic, jack will auto-install. Be sure to enable the real time processing during install.

  3. patchage. This is an extremely useful tool to establish/verify the connections.

  4. rosegarden. This provides the sequencer and music notater all in one pkg.

  5. qsynth. This provides the means to hear your midi files and play with the output.

  6. linux-lowlatency. Critical. You must install this kernel, else rosegarden will not work.

After all the above are installed, you need to check rosegarden setup to ensure it loads the soundfont and passes to your sound card. If no soundfont, you get no sound from your sound card. The sound font should be in /usr/share/sounds/sf2 (I use fluidR3_gm.sf2) and it should come with qsynth.

For more information, read this link: Step-by-step to run a midi keyboard input device? 12.04

Good luck!


Ok, I finally got it, the trick was swapping the IN and OUT plugs. Also, LMMS did a great job. Rub grune answer is worth looking into though, and especially this link I found in the post he refers to: http://rafalcieslak.wordpress.com/2012/08/29/usb-midi-controllers-and-making-music-with-ubuntu/


I would suggest you to try setting the input Midi device to "24:USB2.0-MIDI" and the output device to "129:MuseScore". I'm not a frequent Ubuntu user so I've never had to face that kind of problem but this should normally work!

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