I am doing android development. The adb ppp command to switch back to the USB cable instead of tcp/ip says it needs the tty as a parameter.

I have googled for this and found lots of references to solutions that don't work. A lot of those point to ttyUSB0, which doesn't seem to exist on my system.

I am running Ubuntu Desktop 12.04. How can I find my tty for my android phone?



Store list of devices before pluging in Android

ls /dev/ > dev_list_1.txt

Then run this after you plug it

ls /dev/ | diff --suppress-common-lines -y - dev_list_1.txt

The result should be something like this:

libmtp-2-1.2                                              <
sdb                                                       <
serial                                                    <
sg2                                                       <
ttyACM0                                                   <

Or even monitor for change

while sleep 1 ; do clear ; ls /dev/ | diff --suppress-common-lines -y - dev_list_1.txt ; done

Here is a quick method . After plugging in USB cable, you just issue:

dmesg | grep tty

This will output the tty devices detected by kernel, in the order that they were detected and with a time stamp.

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