I want to change the color of the back and forward icons in Nautilus but I can't find them anywhere.

I'm using Ubuntu 11.04 with Radiance theme (I want to change the orange arrows). I looked in the Radiance theme icons folder but didn't find them there. I've looked in /usr/share/icons/gnome/, /usr/share/icons/hicolor/, and /usr/share/pixmaps.

They seem to be system default icons but I have no idea where they could be hiding... Anyone??

  • why don't you just use a different theme?,and the nautilus arrows , change when using a different icon theme so you would have to change that- Commented May 4, 2011 at 4:25

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The icons you seek are called 'go-previous.svg' and 'go-next.svg' and are located in /usr/share/icons/Humanity/actions.

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