I am new to Linux, and I want to install Ubuntu 13.10 on my Windows 8.1 tablet, Acer W700. I meet the problem ubi-partman failed with exit code 10. People say to solve the problem by press F6 and select nodmraid when booted from usb disk. But I cannot find F6, neither nodmraid.

The boot menu shows:

Try Ubuntu without installing
Install Ubuntu
OEM install (for manufacturers)
Check disc for defects

And at the bottom:

Use the + and - keys to select which entry is highlighted.

Press enter to boot the selected OS, 'e' to edit the commands before booting or 'c' for a command-line. ESC to return previous menu."

How can I 'nodmraid'?


It seems your tablet Acer Iconia W700 maps the Function key into some weird combination for making the keyboard a little smaller (found here). I don't have the device, but from the review I've known that, Alt-F4 is mapped to Alt-Fn-R key. So, I think the F6 is mapped to something like Fn-Y key (later verified it from the screenshot here). So, press that key combination to bring the context menu for boot parameter passing.

Check the screenshot below to see the combination

acer icon w700 f6 key combination

This question has information that might be useful

Image courtesy: The review linked with the answer.


I've already installed Ubuntu on my tablet PC with Windows 8.1. I haven't found nodmraid, instead I formatted my free space to ext3 by EaseUS Partition Master in Windows and reburned a live usb disk.

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