I have a Dell Inspiron 15r running both Ubuntu 13.10 and OS X mountain lion. I was trying to change my Ubuntu UID to 501 co I could read and write in the OS X home folder without root permissions.

Now when I try to access the partition it tells that I don’t have the permissions necessary to view the contents of the partition. It does the same thing for other drives that I use.

I need an answer fast because school starts in two days.


I found a thread over on Ubuntuforums that while old, basically covers how to recover from your scenario. You'll want to return your Ubuntu uid back to its original value, which should be 1000 with sudo usermod -u 1000 your_username

This thread on superuser has some options for mounting the Mac partition as read/write, though there may be some issues with having to either disabling journaling on the Mac partition or only having root-level access to it. You might be able to get it to mount with the correct uid with an entry in fstab but I have never seen instructions for mounting HFS+ partitions via fstab.

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