I recently installed Geany on my Ubuntu machine and I'm looking to compile and run my .java and .class files in specific folders, but I've hit a brick wall. Coming from Windows I set the Compile build command to javac -d /Home/leon/Documents/classes "%f" and Execute to java -cp /Home/leon/Documents/classes "%e" but I get a "directory not found" error when I try to build a file even though the directory exists. What am I missing?

  • ... /Home/leon/Documents/classes/*? usually it is /home, but you may be able to put ~/Documents/classes/* instead. – Wilf Dec 31 '13 at 10:27

Try this: /Home/leon/Documents/classes/*

Usually it is /home, not /home, you could also copy the file, and paste it into a text editor to get the path of a file.

You may be able to put ~/Documents/classes/* instead, as ~ represents /home/USERNAME.

Hope this helps smiley

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