I received an nintendo 64 usb controller and tried to use it to play (this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/Retrolink-Classic-Nintendo-64-USB-Controller-for-PC-and-MAC-BLACK-NEW-/360701283915?pt=US_Video_Game_Controllers&hash=item53fb78ce4b ).

So I put it,used this tutorial to install it http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=338457 and I can see with jstest that it's working. So I installed mupen64plus and M64Py for the gui, so the gui recognize my controller, but I cannot use it. I saw on the post How do you configure mupen64plus controls? that I'm using the same controller than on the image tbe DragonRise inc one, but every time I change the controls and press enter or click on close it's just change all the controls by something per default like this:

DPad R = "key(100)"

DPad L = "key(97)"

DPad D = "key(115)"

DPad U = "key(119)"

Start = "key(13)"

Z Trig = "key(122)"

B Button = "key(306)"

A Button = "key(304)"

C Button R = "key(108)"

C Button L = "key(106)"

C Button D = "key(107)"

C Button U = "key(105)"

R Trig = "key(99)"

L Trig = "key(120)"

Mempak switch = "key(44)"

Rumblepak switch = "key(46)"

X Axis = "key(276,275)"

Y Axis = "key(273,274)"

Normally the buttons should be like button 1,2,3 etc

I tried with the gui and without the gui but I cannot make this controller workinf :/ Thanks for reading and sorry for my poor english


You should ask this question on the mupen64 forums, asking us will get you nowhere.

It's probably mupen64s fault.

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