Hello guys im new in ubuntu,so i have an assigment to make a script that makes new user from text file.i have some problems and cant extract from text.may u help me?thanks a lot. Here's my code:

while  [ $Username! = "" ]
        Username=`grep "Username00$num" $Path | cut -f2 -d:`  #Username   
        Password=`grep "Password" $Path | cut -f2 -d:`      
        Group=`grep "Group" $Path |cut -f2 -d:`              #Group   

        groupadd $Group

the problem is on first line,i cant paste the whole code cause is 160 lines.

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    You could use Ubuntu Pastebin for the full script... and Adding the error it gives would be helpful – Wilf Dec 30 '13 at 17:49

The main problem in your first line is the incorrect whitespace - the "not equal" needs to be a single operator like != rather than ! =, and the ! needs to be separated from the variable preceding it. You should also quote the variable in any string comparisons, in case it contains whitespace

while  [ "$Username" != "" ]

If you post a sample of the text file there's almost certainly a better way to read the username / password / group fields (instead of using lots of grep and cut commands).


I got a similar problem (homework)

I need to create new users using details taken from a text file, and I can only use shellscripting and awk.

The text file got this format


the field separator is ":"

I would than any help

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