I'm running on Ubuntu 13.10, and using Google Chrome 64 bit. Because Google Talk wouldn't work, I uninstalled the Talk Plugin to see if that changed anything, but no cigar. Here's an image that'll give you a better idea than I would.

enter image description here

On Chromium it worked perfectly, but not on Chrome itself.


I am facing exactly the same problem. After some fiddling around, now I seem to have reached an even worse situation where after every few seconds I get asked to install the Hangouts plugin. I've done this repeatedly but to no avail.

  • Yeah, it really stinks. I don't get the repeated request, but it is annoying. I think the next Ubuntu update will fix it. – Mike Wentworth Jan 2 '14 at 23:17

I think this should now be fixed. I checked in about:plugins in Firefox. The google-talkplugin was disabled for some reason. I went to plugins and set this to "Always Activate", now Google talk works properly.

  • Yeah, I noticed yesterday. Thanks! That tip is also helpful. – Mike Wentworth Jan 7 '14 at 1:33

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