Sometimes when Ubuntu crashes, I get a black screen where every keystroke I made in the past session is visible. Any new keystrokes I make get displayed on the screen too.

Does Ubuntu store the keystrokes in memory for a longer period than required? Where? If so, can this be disabled?


A black screen with EVERY keystroke? Both shell and X? Are you sure you are not seeing bash history (How to clear bash history completely?)? Wish you had made a photo, you could be referring to smth else than logged keystrokes.

Ubuntu doesn't log keystrokes, at least if you have a stock distribution which hadn't been tampered with. It may be possible that you had a keylogger accidentally installed on your machine. You can check here for reference: How can I detect a keylogger on my system?, but in your place I'd first try to establish what exactly you are seeing on the screen.

  • Not just shell; I'm sure it wasn't bash history. This has happened multiple times on multiple clean installations. I suspect it to be some part of the device driver/etc, but not sure. – Manishearth Dec 26 '13 at 10:43

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