Whenever I try to resize the Scratch window, it turns black as below and slowly reduces in width until it's a line on the screen.

enter image description here

If I try to maximise the window, it also turns black but the width doesn't reduce. However, when I minimize/unmaximize it, it behaves as when I try to resize it.

I cannot close the window once this happens and have to do it from system monitor.

Anyone know the cause of this problem and how to fix it?


I found this which suggested to me the following work around. In the file /usr/bin/scratch I modified the line

VMOPTIONS="-encoding UTF-8 -vm-display-x11 -xshm -plugins /usr/lib/scratch/plugins/:$SQ_DIR/"

to look like this (i.e. I removed the -xshm flag)

VMOPTIONS="-encoding UTF-8 -vm-display-x11 -plugins /usr/lib/scratch/plugins/:$SQ_DIR/"

This doesn't fix the bug but let's you forget about it. Hope it helps.

Kind regards,


  • Worked for me on a 64 bit machine. Thanks. – topher Jan 1 '14 at 12:54

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