I have a site where I can upload images with some info (startdate, enddate, duration, url)

I want to make a SlideShow that choose those pictures that is > $startdate && < $enddate. And I want each picture to be displayed as long as I've set it to in the value $duration. My Javascript so far is like this:

<script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.min.js"></script>
function showPic1(){
$('#test').html("<img src=\"$url" width=" 400 " height=" 300 ">");
setTimeout(showPic2, $dur);}

function showPic2(){
$('#test').html("<img src=\"$url" width=" 400 " height=" 300 ">");
setTimeout(showPic1, 9000);}

<div id="test"><img src='http://haga.mizgalski.se/upload/upload/bild1.jpg' width='400' height='300'></div>

Pretty simple.. But how can I autogenerate this javascriptcode with exemple bash-script from a database?!

Any Idéas?


You could use the -execute switch mysql -e

foo=`mysql -u user_name_here -p password_here -s -N -e "SELECT id FROM the.host WHERE name='$the_url'"`
echo $foo
echo "<some>$foo<\/some>" >> /file/path/to_name_of_output.js

But why not use PHP or PERL?

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