I like to change keyboard bindings directly to language that I want to use. I use the following keyboard bindings to change keyboard layout in OS Windows7:

Ctrl+1 for Russian, Ctrl+2 for Polish, Ctrl+3 for French, Ctrl+4 for Ukrainian.

How I can configure Lubuntu 13.10 for doing the same? I've found how to change keyboard layout choosing languages cyclically (Alt+shift, for example), but like to select needed language layout directly using specific combination of keys for each language. Cltr+5 for Lithuanian etc.

Direct language selection is possible in Windows 7, may be it is possible also in Lubuntu?

  • You connaissez слишком talen, freund! ;) Unfortunately, there is no way to do exactly in Ubuntu as you have in Windows... There is more then one way to kill a bear though... – Fabby Nov 22 '14 at 13:03

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