I'm a bit puzzled by the following keyboard shortcuts in Ubunutu terminal:

  • CTRL + Left, CTRL + Right to navigate words
  • ALT + Backspace to delete entire word at the left of the cursor

I'm mainly a Windows user, and I'm accustomed to the powershell defaults for the three commands described above: CTRL + Left, CTRL + Right, CTRL + Backspace.

Lately I've been working with putty to ssh into linux machines or with MongoDB shell, where the default shortcuts are: ALT + Left, ALT + Right, ALT + Backspace.

I've had no problem switching between the CTRL and ALT-based keyword combinations so far.

But the Ubuntu terminal settings are a combination of the two, which is quite confusing for me.

Is there a way to change these settings to make them use either CTRL or ALT, but not both?


Instead of Alt + backspace
Try Ctrl + w

So, you have all the controls with Ctrl:

Ctrl + w : removing one word at a time
Ctrl + u : removing entire line of code at a time
Ctrl + left arrow : navigating to left, one word at a time
Ctrl + right arrow : navigating to right, one word at a time

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    Ctrl+w removes one word until the previous space. How do you remove one word until the previous special character (e.g. /, ., etc)? – Marco Lackovic Mar 3 '20 at 9:07

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