I currently have two VM's with my VMWare Workstation 10.0.1:

Linux Mint (Cinnamon) and Lubuntu (LXDE). The host system is Windows 8.1. With Mint, the auto fit guest feature works after installing the VMWare tools and rebooting. I can resize as I please and extend to multiple monitors. All works. With Lubuntu however, nothing works. I have to adjust the resolution manually, and oddly enough 1920x1080 is missing entirely.

I searched for a solution and I guess I could hack something with xrandr, but that seems like too much trouble.

Could someone please tell me:

1) Why does auto fit guest work with some distros and not with others? Is this dependent on the GUI that is used? (Cinnamon vs. LXDE)

2) Which distros/GUIs do support the feature out of the box?



Ok, since no one is answering I'll be left to do some trial and error. I'll update this post when I discover new distros that work:

Auto fit worked after installing VMWare tools

  • Linux Mint 15 (Cinnnamon)
  • Xubuntu 12.04.3 (XFCE)
  • Kubuntu 13.10 (KDE)

Autofit does not work, even with VMWare tools

  • Lubuntu 13.10 (LXDE)
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