OK I see a ton of stuff for the PLEXMEDIA server. most of it hinges around permissions. I get get the server folder to show on the DLNA display but i can not get the MEDIA through. I have check the permissions they are at 770 This is desktop edition version 13.1

Am i just doing one of those rookie mistakes coming from windows. I love this system BTW i just need to get use to it

Ask me what you need IF this was a windows system i would pretty muck know what you need. I am trying to learn though. want to convert


If the media is being served up by Plex, it may be a permissions issue. This page gives a good overview of setting Linux permissions and how to address them in context of running Plex at the bottom of the page. Plex does not run as a root process, but under the user plex so whatever directory your media is stored in has to be accessible to plex.


My workaround based on: Plex won't enter my home directory or other partitions:

Open a terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and enter

sudo gpasswd -a plex plugdev

Verify that plex was added to the plugdev group by entering:

groups plex

Now open nautilus, go to /home (Press Ctrl+L), right click on your "user" folder, go to Properties -> Permissions, and in Groups, click select plugdev, and down in access select Access Files.

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