I added conky configuration to my autostart application.

But this doesn't work after I restarted PC.

Here is how looks configuration at setting manager:

conky start

Here is content of .ConkyWizardLaunch file:

sleep 8 && conky -c ~/.ConkyWizardTheme/ConkyWizardTheme

Another linked file contains exactly conky configuration with looking themas.

It should repaint view every 8 sec.

Unfortunately this doesn't work at start. What is wrong here?

Any suggestions?


Don't put this in as the Command:


do this one instead


You may need to run chmod +x /home/nazar/.ConkyWizardLaunch first to make it executable.

You could also use this, without the need for a script:

sleep 8 && conky -c ~/.ConkyWizardTheme/ConkyWizardTheme

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