I want to run a GUI application from a remote client via ssh and keep it alive (and eventually reconnect to it) after the connection is closed.

As an example: I want, from my home pc, to open a graphical backup tool on the server and get it running. Then I disconnect from the server, shut down my pc, etc. Later, I reconnect to the server and reopen the GUI session to check on the backup progress.

I tried screen and nohup, after starting a session with ssh -X, but the process is killed as soon as I disconnect from the ssh server.

I also followed this, but the application didn't open.

Then I tried screen with xpra, following the steps here, but couldn't get the GUI application to show on my pc (no errors, just nothing happens on the last step, xpra attach)... the process is running on the server, however... I just can't see it. It might be important to note that it always outputs this when I open the program (tried firefox and google-chrome):

Xlib:  extension "RANDR" missing on display ":7".

On a side note, I know I can use VNC or something like that. But I want to do it the hard way, because I like suffering with Linux.

EDIT: I just figured out that xpra seems to be working. I ran xpra attach :7 on the server side and it opened the application Window. Problem seems to be on the remote connection.


I solved the problem by updating xpra, following the instructions here. I was using the Ubuntu 12.04 default xpra.

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