I am trying to unlock files from my root to a admin account. I've tried by going into the account and moving the files into it, but when I go to the account its all locked. And when I do CTRL+A and it selects all of the files. And then I right click on one file because all of then are selected, then I change the permissions to my admin account. The folders are unlocked but the folders inside them aren't.

Is there a way to unlock them all?

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    Why would you want to do that? Things owned by root are owned by root for a reason. What are you trying to accomplish exactly? – dobey Dec 20 '13 at 18:49

When you change the permissions of the folder, use 'Change Permissions for Enclosed Files' or 'Apply Permissions to Enclosed Files' button:


Or just use chmod with the -R option. You can use the table on this page:


chmod -R 757 /PATH/TO/FOLDER

or you can change the owner with chown - see here:


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