Where can I set services apache2 and mysql to do not start automatically? Or start when asked for it instead?


BootUp-Manager worked for me very well disabling autostart of both services.

  • Have you looked at this question? I know it's the opposite, but it will give you a hint on where to look. Check the man page as they say in the answer, askubuntu.com/questions/9382/…
    – Alvar
    Dec 19, 2013 at 3:27

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Ubuntu uses both sysvinit as well as upstart for runlevel.

What you can do for apache2 as I think apache2 doesnot have upstart configuration is:

update-rc.d -f apache2 remove

and for mysql. You need to edit /etc/init/mysql.conf

Search for line start on and comment it with #

#start on runlevel [2345]

Basically scripts and configuration which are started are located on



/etc/init/ is for upstart configuration

Also you can use BootUp-Manager [Graphical Application] to disable services of /etc/init.d/ but I donot think it works for /etc/init/

Just do:

sudo apt-get install bum

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