I need your support as i'm trying to install Citrix Online Plug-in on Ubuntu which is different from Citrix Receiver but I've failed with all my trials so far.

The below link is for the official .exe source, and i can't find any debian extension or any other ubuntu compatible extension for the Online Plug-in software, I've tried to use Wine application but it gave me errors


so is there any other alternative software that could do the same functions or is there any way i could install this program.

Thanks in Advance.


The link to download the Citrix Online Plug-in is at the bottom of the answer.

Quoted from Citrix:

The Citrix online plug-in is the new name for server-side virtualization. When users connect to published applications, they use the online plug-in software, which is the plug-in for server-side virtualization. The plug-in software is available for a range of different devices so users can connect to published applications from various platforms. You can deploy and update the online plug-in using Citrix Receiver.

Here is the link for the Receiver.

You may want to look at Citrix Xen App Plugin. Here is the link for the Citrix Online Plug-in for Linux (x86 client) v.11

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