My main workstation is OSX (as I spend a lot of time developing iOS and OSX software), however I use Ubuntu for a bunch of things.

I've got Ubuntu running on another machine, and would like to tunnel the desktop over ssh to OSX. I'm an 1000mbit ethernet.

It works for the following:

ssh -X user@server.mydomain
nautilus&   #Or firefox, etc - will open the window on my OSX Machine

However for a whole desktop:


It gives the error message "We failed but the fail whale is dead". . . this has to be the most fantastic error message ever (although it doesn't help me very much in explaining what went wrong).


(Self answer: Still looking for a more complete answer)

I was not able to run gnome-session - I even tried Xephry and Xnest for this.

However, I was able to run:


. . and this gives me most of want I want. I now have the important parts of the Gnome desktop system - the graphical "Applications" menu, allowing me to find and launch apps, without having to know where they live on the disk.

Update: This also works incredibly well over a meager wifi connection!

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