If I am trying to ssh or telnet to an Ubuntu Server, and both connections are rejected or refused!

I can ping the server, firewall off.

What are troubleshooting steps should I take?

(I am far away from the Server, so console solution isn't available).

  • Similar issue for me on my VirtulBox Guest ubuntu happening. Ping working, telnet to ssh port 22 is working but when I have started WebLogic server it is not able give access, connfection refused. What is the solution for this issue? How to fix it? – PavanDevarakonda Jun 9 '14 at 5:32
  • check if service are listening on that ports use this command "netstat -ntlp" – PKumar Oct 14 '15 at 8:10

You can determine if programs on the server are listening to the ssh and telnet ports (22 and 23, usually), by:

nmap -T4 -A -v -PE -PS22,23 -PA22,23 <ServerIP>  


telnet <ServerIP> 22  
telnet <ServerIP> 23  

If your error message is: telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused the problem is on the remote server (no program is listening to that port). It's not running the telnet or ssh daemon,or running them on non-standard ports

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Make sure your telnet daemon and ssh is running in ur remote system.

In ubuntu ,

To enable telnet daemon, "sudo apt-get install telnetd" To enable ssh client and server ."sudo apt-get install ssh-connection"

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