How do I type क्ष,त्र, ज्ञ, etc. with Nepali Keyboard layout enabled in Ubuntu?

How do I localize my system to use Nepali Language and keyboard?


Here's a snapshot of the keyboard layout with Nepali Unicode based on devnagari script in Ubuntu:

click to view; Ctrl + +/- to zoom in/out; Ctrl + 0 to restore) keyboardLayout

A few keyboard mappings and combinations:

click to view map1

click to view map2

click to view map3

Adding and using Nepali Keyboard Layout:

Click the keyboard icon at the panel and select keyboard layout settings or select System Settings -> Keyboard Layout: kl01

Click the add (+) icon, search for nepali input, select and hit Add button. kl02

Click the keyboard icon at the top panel select the layout you want to use. You can toggle the layout with the keyboard shortcut: Shift + Caps Lock kl03

Adding and using Ubuntu's Nepali Language Support

Go to System Settings: ln01

Select Language Support: ln02

Click Install / Remove Languages ..., search for Nepali and mark it, then click the Apply Changes button; wait for the installation to complete. ln03

Goto Language Support window again and rearrange the language preferences. ln04

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