I am unable to install the KFaenza Icon set. Steps tried:

  • In the Application Appearance section of the KDE System Settings, I clicked on the “download new designs” button. A dialogue pops up which allows you to browse different designs. When clicking on “install”, a few options turn up (apparently different versions). Clicking any option leads to an error.

  • I visited the corresponding opendesktop.org page for the KFaenza icon set. Below the description, an array of download options is available. They lead to an expired paste and to “omploader.org” which does not contain a website (the DNS record does not seem to be set up).

    The opendesktop page also has various comments complaining that the resources have vanished, but offer no solution.

How can I install the Faenza icon set for KDE? I could copy the icons over from an old install, but I'd rather not sudo cp something into system folders if avoidable.

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There are many ways to install the icon themes – this is one

Search online for the KFaenza theme, e.g. using the search term: “KFaenza kde rpm”. A hit: http://rpmfind.net/linux/rpm2html/search.php?query=kfaenza-icon-theme

Download the most recent package: kfaenza-icon-theme-0.8.9-5.fc20.noarch.rpm

The RPM can be unpacked to an usable archive with the rpm2cpio command (must be installed first):

$ rpm2cpio kfaenza-icon-theme-0.8.9-5.fc20.noarch.rpm | cpio -idmv

This will unpack the KFaenza icon theme into the current directory (./usr/share/icons/KFaenza/...). The options for the cpio command can be viewed online: -i takes the archive from STDIN, -d creates the necessary directories, -m preserves modification times (not strictly necessary), and -v produces verbose output.

The unpacked KFaenza folder then has to be copied over into ~/.kde/share/icons/ to make it available:

Copying the unpacked KFaenza theme with Dolphin

Now the KFaenza theme can be picked from the KDE System SettingsApplication AppearanceIcons. Apply the change, and the KFaenza is there!

Applying the theme in the system settings

  • Thank you for the very nice answer! It felt weird to use an RPM for a *buntu distro, but as the theme doesn't contain compiled resources … whatever, it works :)
    – amon
    Dec 14, 2013 at 17:28

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