After running in the terminal ibus exit, it successfully exited in the terminal. It was interfering with a program where it did not allow typing in that program. Or rather maybe the program was interfering with iBus.

Regardless, now that the use of the program is done, ibus restart was entered into the terminal to reactivate it, but now the only thing that comes out is Can't connect to iBus.

The same thing happens for other functional commands of ibus in the terminal.

Grateful for any feedback for how to turn ibus back on and off at will.


ibus restart will only reset the internal state of ibus, so it doesn't work if ibus daemon is not running. If you want to start ibus again from the command line or in a shell script,

ibus-daemon &

seems do the trick.

Note that if ibus is already running, this command will automatically terminate the older instance (similar to ibus exit) and the new process will take place, so you probably do not need ibus exit and ibus restart.

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