I'm having a problem with Guake.

When I accidentally use the hotkey to minimize and the focus is on Guake, it minimizes, this is not the problem, the problem is that I don't know how to recover it.

If I execute Guake nothing happens, I have to kill the process to be able to use it again. Killing the process also means losing all the previously opened guake tabs, processes running in them, etc.

  • Can you alt-tab to it? I had this with some of MATLABs windows but they are still available by alt-tab. – Julian Stirling Dec 11 '13 at 23:20
  • I am having a similar problem under Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander), but not exactly as is described. If you would like to replicate the problem I'm experiencing (and maybe Federico's problem as well), open guake, and then press the the show desktop button. This is a confirmed bug with guake , but the problem is I never use or press the show desktop button (only discovered this after trying to make this comment somewhat more of an answer). I also looked up the show desktop shortcut just to make sure I'm not triggering the bug by a – 128KB Mar 9 '14 at 16:31

Just tried it, the Toggle Guake visibility shortcut (defaults to F12) brings it back no problem. I guess you are used to opening guake just by clicking on its icon, not using F12.


More precisely you have to press F12 twice to bring it back from minimized state.

  • After hitting shortcut twice the title bar says "Guake Terminal" I have to click on the maximize button (up left) and it appears again. The weird part is that the maximize button works, but not the associated hotkey. – Federico Nafria Dec 12 '13 at 3:34

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