I use a huawei dongle to access the Internet and since mobile partner doesn't support Ubuntu is there a way to check the data usage? any app maybe?


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vnstat is probably the best way to do this. It can be installed using the following command in terminal:

sudo apt-get install vnstat

If you don't want to keep checking the data usage status every time then use:

watch -n 5 --differences vnstat -d ppp0

It would display the status every 5 seconds in the open terminal with the differences that occur in the values. -d is used to display the status of each day and eth0 is the Ethernet used for internet connection (wlan0 may be used for WiFi).

Sample output:

 ppp0  /  daily
         day         rx      |     tx      |    total    |   avg. rate
      02/07/15     99.11 MiB |   11.10 MiB |  110.21 MiB |   10.45 kbit/s
      02/08/15     25.09 MiB |    3.75 MiB |   28.84 MiB |    5.37 kbit/s
     estimated        49 MiB |       5 MiB |      54 MiB |

NOTE: Type ifconfig in Terminal and see the output. The ppp thing followed by a number(could be ppp0) is your dongle. Use it with vnstat as explained above.


You can check it in every System Monitor (or Task Manager) like in this one from Gnome:

Gnome System Monitor screenshot

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You can choose between a GTK tool, NTM:


And a more advanced command line tool, vnStat:


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