I am a php programmer and new in ubuntu. Now I am using ubuntu 12.4 I need to create public html directory on my home directory for easy assess of php files. How can I create this public_html directory on my home folder. And how it configure as a apache server for run php scripts?

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Apache comes with userdir module which lets you use /home/USER/public_html as root directory.

You will access this public_html as localhost/~USER/

You may need to enable userdir, if not enabled, which is done by:

sudo a2enmod

By default Apache uses /var/www as document root.

Or you can create a virtualhost with your specific document root as well.



What I did for my case is created public_html directory in my home directory and then created symlink in /var/www to point to this public_html directory (creating a symlink).

In order to create a symlink you have to use the following command:

sudo ln -s /home/$USER/public_html /var/www

here $USER is your username. For more details check the site mentioned above.


Thanks to all. Now I find correct way for configure apache from stack overflow. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/526742/how-can-i-make-a-public-html-folder-in-ubuntu

And from ask ubuntu

Should I symlink my /var/www directory to my home?

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