I am using Ubuntu server 12.04. The default python version is 2.7. I have installed python 3.3 in /opt directory. When I tried to create a virtualenv to use python 3.3, I get the following error:

$ virtualenv -p /opt/python3.3/bin/python3 python3_env
Running virtualenv with interpreter `/opt/python3.3/bin/python3`
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File `usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/virtualenv.py`, line 17, in 
`import zlib`
 ImportError: No module named 'zlib'

How do I resolve this?


First of all, I would recommend using deadsnakes ppa How do I install Python 3.3?

What you need to understand is your virtualenv package should be compatible with python3. I.e.virtualenv should be installed with python3.3. This can be done with easy_install OR pip compatible with python3.3.


Also python3.3 comes with inbuilt virtualenv which can be used as

python3.3 -m venv VIRTUAL_ENV_NAME


These binaries may be in /opt. So you may require full path.

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