this topic has been discussed several times, the solution is to edit chrome/userContent.css and add default colours there. but unfortunately I know nothing about css files, what possibilities do I have there? for example I created a website with a text-editor and no info on colours in it. then my userContent.css looks like that:

* {color: black ; background: #aaaaaa ; }

works great on my website, but every other website probably defined colours in their own stylesheet globally for the page to inherit it. so, I'm asking: does css format know something that's the absolute opposite of "!important"? i.e. I want to tell firefox to use my defaults only when the defaults provided by my browser would be used, and not to overwrite what the creator of a webpage has declared to be default. anyone with some knowledge on css files here? guess I need to replace the "*" by something meaningful, but I don't know what. "INPUT, TEXTAREA" is too restrictive, I want every text-content to default to my choice if none is given.

of course, another way would be to alter the sourcecode of firefox itself, so it stops using theme-colours in webpages and uses hardcoded defaults. does such a patch already exist?


One option is to go to Edit -> Preferences -> Content -> Colors. The colors you choose there will not override site colors, but options are limited. There is also a checkbox here that will allow sites to set their own coors, and one to use system colors. These checkboxes sound like they will help you.

You can also go to about:config and search for "color" to find all default colors that Firefox uses (which you can change to any hexadecimal values), and color-related options like the ones controlled by those checkboxes.

  • And delete userContent.css. That thing is useless. – Wutaz Dec 9 '13 at 18:14
  • thanks, that solved my problem! I just unchecked the "use system colours", and my chosen defaults get used. – user223769 Dec 9 '13 at 20:20

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