I started with Linux for about 4 or 5 months, moved from Mint 15 to Ubuntu 12.04 and I'm loving it all. Still getting used to terminal commands and the variety of software I can find here.

I currently have a Let's Play Channel on Youtube, so, I need to record gameplay footage (video and audio) along with microphone audio (in a separate file, with audacity).

I found a software called Simple Screen Recorder (SSR) to record gameplay video and audio footage, I have checked the website for instructions on how to adjust the things and the problems began.

First, the video is recorded just fine, it's the simplest software I could find to set up the configurations and get it up and running. Problem is, no gameplay audio, no system audio. Audacity records the microphone just well, so I started to take a look on the configurations on PulseAudio Volume Control while recording something with SSR. Many tutorials tell to change the audio imput to Monitor of Built-in Analog Audio in order to record the gameplay audio, but this did not work to me here.

I suspect that this Monitor of Built-in Analog Audio is not configured or that it does not have audio to be recorded at all, how can I fix this?

Thanks you for your attention!


I don't know how far you got in this process, so I start from the beginning:

  1. Install pavucontrol:

    sudo apt-get install pavucontrol
  2. Launch it:

  3. On the Input Devices tab select Show: All input devices
  4. Check the Volume level and if necessary Unmute the Monitor of Built-in Analog Audio channel by clicking on the little speaker icon.
  5. Launch Audacity, start recording
  6. While Audacity is recording: In the pavucontrol Recording tab change the Input Source for Audacity to Monitor of Built-in Analog Audio

Did that help?

  • Is pavucontrol necessary in order to enable "Monitor of ..." devices? Or is there a way to just enable it through the standard pulseaudio tools like pacmd or pactl? – CMCDragonkai Feb 29 '16 at 7:54
  • Great, the steps number 3 and 4 helped me fixed the same issue on Ubuntu 14.04. Thanks! – Louis Gagnon Jan 12 '17 at 12:44

My experience was with Audacity, had worked easily enough in previous Ubuntu versions. I'm now using 10.14 LTS. I installed the pavucontrol, and soon got it working. Not without fiddling with a few things. See below

Make sure you go to Configuration in the pavucontrol tool. I had to select "Analog stereo ouput". Then go to Audacity and choose Pulse Pulse Video:0, in the main panel of Audacity. Then I was able to record. Thanks for this post!

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