I have a Python script that I wish to keep running all the time on an Ubuntu 12.04 machine, and I am doing so by adding an init job that runs a short script that checks for a screen session and if not present creates one.



case "$1" in

exit 0





# Make sure we are in the working directory.
cd /usr/local/bin

if ! screen -list | grep -q "${SCREEN_NAME}"; then
    screen -dmS "${SCREEN_NAME}" "${INVOCATION}"

The problem is that the screen is not being created when I run /etc/init.d/my-script start. It runs fine when I execute ./start.sh and when I debugged it, it definitely executes the screen statement inside the if statement, and the exit code from screen is 0.

So why doesn't it create the screen?

  • I switched to using cron to run start.sh every half hour but I get the same problem. – DanielGibbs Dec 9 '13 at 7:04

I'd guess that there's a failure running your my-script.py script, rather than a problem with screen. I see that you're referencing it from the current directory - which may not be the current directory when running from init and/or cron.

Can you try using the full path to the script in the INVOCATION variable?

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