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Can auto-hide for the application menu be turned off in Unity?

Hi all,

Is there any way to modify the top bar behaviour in Unity ?

As I have read around - not...

What i'm looking for is: I want to see the "File, Edit, View, ..." menu all the time instead of the filename title in it... filename title is really useless...

Any help with this ?



Nope. This is as is...

You get the 'file' etc only when you have the desktop active. Otherwise this part of the panel is used by the currently active item (browser-> title, USC->usc options etc etc).

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    I hope to see an update from Canonical giving some 'open-source' freedom and flexibility for Unity – Vytautas May 1 '11 at 14:14

If you just click on the destop first the menu will be available in the top panel.

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