I always assumed the system locale was set based on chosen time zone, but that doesn't appear to be the case. I choose Detroit for my time zone (or New York, I've done both), but Ubuntu always sets my locale as en_CA, and points me to a Canadian mirror for apt on a fresh install.

How is locale chosen? How can I make sure my locale is set to en_US? Will that get my apt respositories back to a US mirror?

NOTE: I know how to change my locale, my question is specifically about how to make sure it's set properly on install.


Can you please file a bug by running sudo ubuntu-bug ubiquity? It should automatically attach the files in /var/log/installer. Please be sure to describe the series of steps you went through to produce this issue.


  • Done. It turns out my timezone was set to Toronto, even though I specifically set it to Detroit during install. (I also tried New York, same problem) – shawnp0wers May 4 '11 at 2:54

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